Test Cell

The Test Cell is built inside a sealed, soundproof room in which there is some control over ambient barometric pressure. Soundproofing is so good that there is no limit on exhaust noise.

A massive 24 HP fan cools the bike. The fan delivers ample cold air to the front of the bike for the prolonged testing times necessary to fully log every useful aspect of the bikes range.

The bike's Water and Oil temperatures are monitored. Testing only begins when temperatures are up to normal and can be stopped if they reach alarm levels. Temperatures can be logged and graphed to help show up potential cooling issues.
There are various ways that problems can be spotted before damage occurs making the Test Cell an advantage over testing on the road or track.

A second fan is directly driven by the rolling road and passes air through ducts to the front of the bike. This air supply is ratiometrically matched to road speed and very useful for bikes with `ram air` requirements.
The roller can be driven for those users needing bump starting.
Both logging and real-time display are available of the following parameters;








Fuel flow





Humidity %


Water C

Oil C

Also available in km/h, m/s, ft/min.

Of engine

Double click to pause and play

True rear wheel HP (also available as kW and DJHP)

Fuel Mixture indication.

Fuel Mixture indication.

Engine Torque.

Dyno Load Applied.


Miles per gallon.

Efficiency / potential gain indicator.

manifold absolute pressure (vacuum)

Used in SAE correction of HP

Used in SAE correction of HP

Ambient (used in SAE correction of HP)

Engine water temperature.

Engine oil temperature.

Along with several spare analogue input channels for specific parameters that users may require (e.g.; EGT, dB, Ign etc).